Have you ever wondered why some adults never seem to finish a task?  What would happen if we lived in a world where nothing ever got done? Have you ever experienced the impact of non completed tasks as people interact with the world and others around them? I am convinced that the building blocks of our youth contribute to the habits that we acquire in life. My book, “What Does Done Look Like”, was written to instruct and mold the personal development of children, ages five though nine, towards character building, self- esteem and task completion.
My reason for writing the book is due to the rapid changes that I see in today’s youth.  I have noticed the inability of too many school age children to exhibit personal pride, demonstrate basic core values, and complete a task.  These missing elements reinforce the likelihood that they will develop into adults unable to complete something, no matter how simple the task.  
My mission is to assist in training children to enter into adolescence and ultimately, into adulthood with a clear proclivity to complete a task, able to say “please and thank-you”, and build character. This is the hallmark of “What Does Done Look Like”. It is the first of a series towards a child’s personal development.
If you are interested and would like to see my work, please contact me and I will send you the first in a series of manuscripts entitled, “What Does Done Look Like?”
Timothy B. Jones